wedding Guayabera

Forma Shirt. Guayabera Style, Long Sleeve. Lace. High quality Linen. French Cuff

Linen guayabera Navy French Cuff PINK

Exquisite Two Pockets Guayabera. Premium Linen Guayabera. French Cuff. Pink

Exquisite Guayabera.Premium Linen Guayabera. French Cuff.

~Cuban Party Guayabera Style ~Perfect Groomsmen We manufacture any Color Combination ~On Demand (Tailored) ~Dressy Shirt. ~Modern And Juvenile ~French Cuff ~Guayabera. 2 pockets ~Fitted Style, Perfect Fit ~Italian-Irish Linen ~Pleated on the Back ~Design Linen Shirt ~Father and Son available. (Call GCubanas) ~Pants and Hats Available
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GSL 18011 NAVY
Guayabera Long Sleeve for Men. Excellent quality. Linen, Cuban traditional 2 Upper pockets with 3 Buttons. Guayabera for wedding. Cuban traditional pleats. Dry Cleaner for best result. Size Chart available in the footer. Availability is subject to change Most Beautiful than the actual picture Perfect Groomsmens we manufacture any Color Combination Dry Clean for Best Results. Availability is subject to change. Reorders take up to 3 weeks to deliver. Back Orders.
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Item No GSL 18011 NAVY
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