GuayaberasCubanas.com started long before the first version of our site was ever even developed. 

My name is Ivis M. Fernandez and I was born in Cuba just like the Guayabera. While in Cuba I worked in retail so clothes, textiles and of course Guayaberas are in my blood, a part of my history and culture.


When I was fortunate enough to come to the U.S. in 2001, I followed a different path and became a teacher until one day I was laid off.  This was the life event that brought me back my roots and I soon made a discovery through distinction about Guayaberas. That distinction was that the Guayaberas of the States was not only considerably more elegant than those back home but the quality, styles, colors and versatility was unlike anything I had seen and I was in love but more importantly; I was on a mission!


This breakthrough for me became the start of what GuayaberasCubanas.com would become and with the help of my family and friends; I was able to move step by tiny step towards realizing my vision.  Starting a business was a blessing and yet tiresome experience but over the years we’ve built GuayaberasCubanas.com to become one of the best Guayabera sites on the web! Feedback from around the world continues to inspire me to the point where I am now designing and custom designing Guayaberas for our customers.

 We are Designers & Manufacturers of  beach wedding attire for men. 

From styles tailored to formality screaming, to relaxed casual, and finally new twists on traditional Guayabera styles. GuayaberasCubanas.com also offers many customize options to further meet the needs of our customers such as tailored fit, an unsurpassed amount of colors options for guaranteed match, as well as button, sleeve and cuff options which are all standard.

Our quality is guaranteed top shelf, from the use of best in class materials, to the quality of workmanship, to the added little “quality signals” our customers will find when their wedding attire arrives at their door. It is nothing less than a bride and groom should expect for their nuptials day on the beach.

GuayaberasCubanas.com has been the best thing that could happen to me. We made it and you and many others made it happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I promise to continue to invest in our products and the customer service that has built our loyalty along with our business and hopefully your continued satisfaction.